07 April 2014


I have decided not to continue the current Johnny Browning story.  I am in the process of writing a longer Johnny Browning story (perhaps novel length), and it may end up including re-purposed bits of the stories here.  In the meantime, I have yet to decide how this space will be used: should I post drafts and excerpts here?  Should I use it for Johnny Browning stories outside the scope of the longer project?  Will I even get around to doing much more Johnny Browning in the first place?

Any input is welcome.  And, if for any reason, anyone wants anything that was previously posted on this site, just hit me with a comment on this post & I will hook you up.

When I come to a decision on how to use this space, I will do it.  That is how you will find out.  Until then, see you in the funny papers.